Child Development

Exam Board: OCR Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2

Exam Board Website: OCR – Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations externallink

Child Development Curriculum Summary
Year 7 Not studied in KS3.
Year 8
Year 9 This is an opportunity for the students to develop their knowledge of the health and well-being for child development. We ask the students to demonstrate a range of practical skills and collate a variety of observational studies in order to apply the theory to the wider world.
Year 10 In Year 10 we focus on developing the students’ knowledge of the equipment and nutritional needs of a child from birth to 5 years old. This is taught through a range of theory and practical based lessons, such as preparing and tasting baby foods. They will then apply this knowledge to their coursework.
Year 11 Year 11 dedicates time for coursework refinement before the final submission, as well as re-capping prior knowledge ready for the exam. We also focus on developing revision skills in order to ensure all students achieve the grade they deserve.