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Dance Curriculum Summary
Year 7 Pupils will explore a variety of different styles of dance through solo, duet and group work. They will research and create their own versions of the Haka and will also perform a piece choreographed by themselves based on the theme of pirates.
Year 8 Pupils will explore and create their own pieces of dance based on key actions from The Hunger Games films. They will also research and create their own piece of dance from a chosen stimulus. This will include the use of a wide range of choreographic devices and skills learnt through previous topics in KS3. Finally pupils will be putting their team working skills to the test by creating their own street dance crews complete with signature choreography before taking part in a dance battle against their classmates.
Year 9 Pupils will explore the use of physical, technical and expressive skills through both performance and choreographic tasks before learning the key set phrases for the GCSE and exploring 2 of the set professional works from the dance anthology.
Year 10 Pupils will develop their performance of the key set phrases, explore a further 4 professional works from the anthology and begin to choreograph a duet for final examination.
Year 11 Pupils will develop their performance of both the set phrases and duets, recap all 6 of the professional works from the anthology and create their own solo or group choreography for final examination in May.