PE, Dance and Drama - Kit and Information for September

As we prepare for the new school term in September, the PE and Drama/Dance department have made some amendments to the kit policy to ensure that pupils stay safe and lessons are efficient.

From September, all pupils will be allowed to wear PE kit to attend Swanmore College on days when they are due to have PE, Drama, or Dance.  This is due to the temporary closure of changing rooms in light of the current Covid-19 situation.  Pupils will not be allowed to get changed within these facilities other than in an emergency.

To help with this new provision, we would like to remind parents/carers of the PE kit list, and the kit policy with regards to these lessons.

A more detailed version of the Swanmore College uniform list, detailing PE kit, can be found on our website  A summary of the key pieces of PE kit that all pupils should have is listed below:

  • Trainers (for Sports Hall, Gym, Main Hall and Fitness Suite)
  • Astro/moulded boots (non-metal studs – for STP, MUGA and Field)*
  • Short white socks
  • Long black socks
  • Plain black shorts (mid-thigh length – no logo)
  • Black & Royal Blue Swanmore College PE shirt
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms (no logo)/Sports leggings (no logo)
  • Black Swanmore College hoodie or plain black hoodie (no logo or zips)
  • Swanmore College Rugby shirt (optional)

*I would like to remind parents/carers that pupils must have correct footwear (astro/moulded boots) if their lessons are on the STP or MUGA as any other footwear, including trainers, damage the artificial surface.  A full description of correct footwear can be found on our website.

Pupils must wear clean, correct PE kit for every lesson, even if they are ill or injured, so they can still take an active part in the lesson. This will enable pupils to fully partake in the activity when they return to full health and prevents their College uniform from getting damaged whilst standing on muddy pitches.

There are occasions when this would not be possible and this is at the College’s discretion ie severe injury or illness but as physical education is compulsory – only in exceptional circumstances will alternative arrangements be made. Pupils will remain with their teaching groups and participate in the role of coach or official (scorer, timekeeper or manager) for the activity as is evident in the professional world of sport.

Pupils who fail to bring their kit will be sanctioned in accordance with Swanmore College policy.  Teachers will track pupils who fail to bring in kit and will issue sanctions when this happens.  If a child forgets their kit/wears incorrect kit 3 times within a half term, they will be sent to the Learning Hub at that point, and on subsequent occasions.  This tracking will reset every half term.

The College understands that some pupils may have PE, Drama and Dance on consecutive days.  We would encourage PE kit for all of these lessons, but fully understand that cleaning of this kit for hygiene purposes means that small elements of the kit may need to be substituted.  If this is the case, all replacement kit will need to be appropriate, showing minimal logos, be of suitable length, and black.  Any pupil who wear inappropriate kit will be given replacement pieces for that lesson, which will be recorded.  These will need to be cleaned and returned the next day.

With the unavailability of changing rooms during our response to the Covid situation, and the frequency of wet weather, we will endeavour to rehouse lessons from outdoor to indoor facilities where possible, and with social distancing measures in place.  There may be times when groups may need to stay outside so we are asking that, on days where weather is forecast to be poor, pupils bring a rain/training jacket, additional footwear, clean socks, and a plastic bag.

To clarify the rules further we have created a video explaining the details for kit in PE, Drama and Dance.  We would also refer you to the more detailed uniform guidelines found on the Swanmore College website:

Thank you for your support during these times.

D Fawcett (Mr)
Head of Physical Education


Exam Board: OCR

Exam Board Website: OCR – Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations externallink

Drama Curriculum Summary
Year 7 Pupils will learn a variety of dramatic techniques in order to build up their skills base. Pupils will explore different genres and styles of storytelling in a practical way. They will finish the year by exploring the “Darkwood Manor” topic using skills of devising.
Year 8 Pupils will look at how meaning is created through voice work, and how to interpret a script from a dramatic point of view. They will research and explore a variety of Shakespeare plays looking at the language and meaning in a practical way. Finally, they will complete “The Clowning Project” where they will create their own clowning characters and look at different clown types. Pupils will learn how to juggle and put together their own clowning routine.
Year 9

At Key Stage 4 all pupils who have opted to study drama will spend Year 9 looking at the essential skills required to devise and perform effectively. There is also one public performance to parents which takes place in the spring or summer term of the year. In Year 10 Pupils will undertake a year of practical mocks for each component, before completing the course in Year 11. Pupils follow the OCR GCSE specification for Drama.

The Assessment Criteria is as follows:

Component 1 – Devising Drama (30% of GCSE)

Pupils will research and explore a stimulus, work collaboratively and create their own devised piece. Pupils will also submit a portfolio of work linked to the devised process.

Component 2 – Presenting & Performing Texts (30% of GCSE)

Pupils will develop and apply theatrical skills in acting by presenting a showcase of two extracts from a performance text.

Component 3 – Performance & Response (40% of GCSE)

Pupils will explore practically a performance text to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of drama. Pupils will analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance.

Year 10
Year 11