English and Media

Exam Board: AQA

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English Curriculum Summary
Year 7 Pupils are organised into mixed ability classes and receive seven lessons a fortnight. Pupils are taught to read and study a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, as well as challenge themselves with writing in a range of forms. Pupils are taught to craft and adapt their writing with a focus on technical accuracy. Learning at KS3 ensures pupils progress and achieve through a thematic approach in schemes of work. Language and Literature skills are interwoven into our creative and innovative schemes of work where pupils will be exposed to a range of challenging, yet engaging texts. There is a focus on comprehension skills and inference which develops towards pupils making critical responses and judgements about a range of texts.
Year 8
Year 9 Pupils continue to be organised in mixed ability classes, but receive eight lessons in year 9 and ten lessons in years 10 and 11 a fortnight. Pupils develop the skills needed to prepare them for the final exams in Language and Literature – both of which are now 100%. Pupils read their set GCSE texts and study them in depth, as well as a range of unseen fiction and non-fiction texts. Pupils explore contextual influences, concepts and genres and explore a range of interpretations of the same text according to a readers’ own context, ideas and viewpoints. Pupils develop their confidence in securing their own ideas as a critical reader. They are given opportunities to develop their reading and writing skills through a wide range of tasks that will prepare them to enter their final exams with confidence and resilience. Writing tasks deepen pupils’ ability to write with a reader in mind, encouraging them to manipulate and adapt their style across tasks.
Year 10
Year 11