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History Curriculum Summary
Year 7
How does History impact us?
“People make History, not the other way round”
Black Death
“Can disease change the world?”
Crime and Punishment
“Why was Britain left to hang?”
“From slavery to the Whitehouse”
Anne Frank
“Who is responsible for Anne Frank’s death?”
Britain – Post WW2
“Was the 60s really swinging?”
Year 8
How has conflict changed over time?
“From the arrow to the bomb”
“Why do we come to have a French King?”
Spanish Armada
“Was victory against the Spanish a fluke?”
French Revolution
“Why should we let them eat cake?”
“Did soldiers really hate fighting in the trenches?
“What is the greatest turning point of WW2?”
Cold War
“Was the war really cold?”
Year 9

During KS4 pupils will cover a range of topics and will be assessed at the end of each module. These include The Making of America, Living under Nazi Germany and The Norman Conquest. GCSE exams will be as follows:

British History – 40% of GCSE

Local History – 20% of GCSE

World Paper – 40% of GCSE

Year 10
Year 11