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History Curriculum Summary
Year 7 Students will learn:
  • How historians look at the past?
  • Why was William able to conqueror England?
  • What was Medieval life really like?
  • Who had the most power in the Middle Ages?
  • Were the Tudors really that terrible?
  • Why was the country torn apart in the 1600s?
  • How did Britain become Great?
Year 8 Students will learn:
  • Why was Edwardian Britain divided?
  • Why is WW1 known as the Great War?
  • How did Hitler rise to power?
  • What was the greatest turning point of World War Two?
  • Why did the Holocaust happen?
  • What has happened since WW2?
Year 9

During KS4 pupils will cover a range of topics and will be assessed at the end of each module. These include The Making of America, Living under Nazi Germany and The Norman Conquest. GCSE exams will be as follows:

British History – 40% of GCSE

Local History – 20% of GCSE

World Paper – 40% of GCSE

Year 10
Year 11