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Mathematics Curriculum Summary
Year 7

The new Key Stage 3 National Curriculum, which started in September 2014, gave the Department the opportunity to redesign its curriculum structure from a spiral model to that of a ‘mastery’ approach. This means that our present Year 7 and 8 pupils are taught topics for longer and in more depth, allowing them to extend their learning as far as they are able to and build their long term memory for future learning.

For KS3 there are four mathematics ‘pathways’. Students will study two of these pathways through Year 7 and Year 8. The starting pathway depends on the students KS2 grade and the progress they make through the year.

The KS3 Scheme Of Work has been tailored to focus on master of number in the first team of each of the four pathways. Other topics including algebra, shape and space, probability and ratio are then introduced through the year.

Year 8
Year 9

Pupils begin their GCSE preparation in Year 9 with the aim to have covered the curriculum by the end of Year 10. This leaves Year 11 for further practise and revision.

During Key Stage 4 Students are examined twice a year using formal mocks. We use real GCSE papers examined under GCSE conditions. This gives the students practise at exam techniques as well as giving them an accurate current working grade. Following mocks students are given a list of topics that they must work on to further improve their results.

More able students will sit an additional mathematics qualification. This allows them to secure the highest grades in their GCSE as extending into further mathematics topics.

Year 10
Year 11