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GCSE Results Day – Thursday 20 August 2020


I want to take this opportunity to update you about your child’s GCSE exam results, to explain the process we have undertaken over the last few months and to give you information about how to collect the results on the 20th August 2020.

Calculating Exam Results

Behind the scenes the school has been working hard to produce fair and accurate Centre Assessed GCSE Grades for every pupil, in every subject, as well as a ranking score within each grade bracket. This internal data has been checked, double checked and intensively moderated, both within departments (between teachers) and across departments, as well as taking into account any planned access arrangements and special considerations. We have used a wide range of assessment information, including: mock examinations; completed NEA tasks (controlled assessments); class tests and assessments; verbal contributions in lessons; general classwork; and home learning.

Classroom teachers have provided their data but please be aware that the grade submitted was a Centre Assessed Grade – NOT a teacher assessed grade: extensive moderation according to the exam board’s protocol will have occurred after the teacher provided an initial assessment. We are not allowed to discuss this with you or your child at all.

The school has submitted the Centre Assessed Grades and rankings to the exam boards. Exam boards are now conducting a national standardisation process, based on statistical analysis at a country wide level, taking into account a school’s historic performance and the baseline ability of the cohort.

The School will not be consulted about this, nor will we have the opportunity to appeal the changes made (unless we believe a genuine error has occurred). The grades that are eventually awarded to pupils may well be different to the data submitted by the School.

Collecting Exam Results

GCSE Results will be available from the College on Thursday 20 August 2020.

GCSE Results Day is normally a time for celebration. It is a wonderful opportnity to see the pupils receiving their results – a time for teachers, parents and pupils to be proud of the pupils’ achievements. Unfortunately we will be running the results day differently this year.

To ensure everyone stays safe and maintains social distancing we will be distributing the results using the drive through approach that we recently used for distributing Year 11 hoodies.

Please drive your child to school within the allocated time slots listed below. You should arrive during the time slot indicated alphabetically by the pupil’s surname. Cars should come in and queue in the bus lane ready to receive their results. There will be a member of staff there to guide you. Pupils and drivers are to remain in their cars at all times. When your child has collected the results please leave the site.

A-C – 09:00 – 10:00

D-G – 10:00 – 10:45

H-J – 10:45 – 11:30

K-O – 11:30 – 12:15

P-R – 12:15 – 12:45

S-T – 12:45 – 13:30

W-Y – 13:30 – 14:00

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Can someone else collect my results for my child?

If pupils would like someone else to collect their results on their behalf, we will require written consent from the pupil, confirming the name of the person who will be collecting the results, and that person will need to bring identification with them, in order to collect the results. Acceptable identification would be a passport or photographic driving licence.  If they do not have photographic identification, two forms of identification, for example a bank card and household utility bill would be acceptable.  Sorry, we will be unable to issue results without appropriate identification.

2.     Can we collect the results by email or telephone?

We are unable to give any results out over the telephone or by email.

3.     What happens if the results are not collected on the 20th August?

Any results not collected during this time will be posted first class.

4.     I have questions or concerns about my results – who do I talk to?

Please email your questions or concerns to our Examinations Officer at naomi.thorby@swanmore-sec.hants.sch.uk . We will then respond either via email or with a phone call to discuss your concern.

5.     Can we collect my results ‘on foot’?

We would prefer that parents drive their children to school to collect the results. However, should a pupil wish to walk into school at the allotted time then we can allow this. The pupil should come to the front of the bus lane where there will be a member of staff to direct them. Please be careful of traffic that may be entering/leaving the site and please leave the site immediately you have collected your results.

If you have any queries, please contact Mrs N Thorby, Examinations Officer via email naomi.thorby@swanmore-sec.hants.sch.uk 

Mr Jonathan

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