Staff List

Name Title
Mr M Allen Compliance Manager
Miss M Alventosa Teacher of MFL (NQT)
Mrs S Andrews Teaching Assistant
Miss M Arnell Deputy Head of Year 11
Mrs S Avery Head of Creative
Mr S Bailey Site Assistant
Mrs C Bailey Assistant Head of Mathematics
Mr J Baillie Acting Assistant Head of Mathematics
Miss S Bajar Teacher of Maths P/T
Mr R Baker Technology Technician P/T
Mrs S Baker Finance Officer
Mr M Baldwin ICT Network & Systems Manager P/T
Mr A Bampton Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs L Barker SENCO / Teacher of History
Mrs S Beattie RSA Trainee – History
Mrs J Beck Assistant Head of Science P/T
Mrs V Beeton HLTA 1 R&R
Mrs A Bell D&T Food/Textiles Admin Support P/T
Mrs D Bennett Deputy Head of Year
Mrs T Benton HLTA 1 (PP)
Mrs L Bignell Catering Assistant
Mrs A Brickell Science Technician P/T
Miss B Brown Teacher of Science
Miss G Brown Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour & Safety
Mrs S Bryant RSA & General Administrative Assistant
Mrs J Butcher Science Technician
Miss L Carr Digital Media Manager P/T
Miss S Carter Teacher of Physical Education P/T
Ms J Case Attendance and Admissions Officer P/T
Mr A Chant Cover Supervisor
Mrs G Chase Teacher of English/Literacy
Mr J Coleman Teacher of Dance
Mrs J Collinson Head of Geography
Mrs S Cox PA to Headteacher / Senior Administrator
Miss I Cranston RSA Trainee – Biology
Mr K Cuffe Deputy Head of Year 8
Mr N Culverhouse Teacher of Maths
Mr S Dalwood Teacher of Science
Miss J Davies Receptionist / Administrative Assistant
Ms M Davies Teacher of History / Exams Concession Teacher
Mrs A Dawkins Teacher of Maths
Ms G De Lucia Teacher of English
Miss K De Lucia Cover Supervisor
Mrs E Deller Family Liaison Worker
Mr I Denzey Teaching Assistant
Mr J Doncom Teacher of PE/Maths (NQT)
Miss A Dufty Cover Supervisor P/T
Mrs S Dufty Receptionist / Administrative Assistant P/T
Mr J Eastman Teacher of Maths (NQT)
Mr A Edwards Site Assistant
Mrs A Egerton Head of English
Ms S Elliott HLTA 1 Library
Mrs J Elvin Cover Manager
Miss D Emery Teacher of Science (NQT)
Mr P Emery Data Manager
Miss R Eveleigh Teacher of English
Mrs C Fancett Teacher of Mathematics/RSA Professional Mentor/NQT Professional Mentor
Mr D Fawcett Head of Physical Education
Ms H Field Science Technician P/T
Mrs H Flood Reprographics / Clerical Assistant
Miss C Floyd Teacher of Mathematics
Ms E Foote Teacher of Geography
Miss K Fowles Teaching Assistant
Miss R Garaty Teacher of Art & Textiles
Miss S Geddei-Nabbei Catering Assistant
Miss S Gitsham Teacher of PE
Miss I Gregory Deputy Head of Year 7
Mrs A Griffiths Teacher of Technology
Mrs A Griffiths Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Guillaume Teacher of MFL
Mr S Guillen RSA Trainee – Maths
Mrs J Habis Teacher of English / Head of Year 7
Mrs E Hadfield Exams Assistant P/T
Mrs M Hall Teacher of Computing
Mr D Hammond Assistant Head of English
Miss A Harper Acting Head of Mathematics
Mr D Harvey RSA Trainee – Maths
Mrs T Harwood Catering Manager
Mrs J Hayter Receptionist
Mr A Hearmon Head of Science
Mr D Hedicker Head of Technology
Mr L Higgins Assistant Head of Science
Mrs K Hinson Teacher of MFL
Mrs L Hodgson Catering Assistant
Miss R Humby Teacher of Music
Mrs A Illsley Teacher of Technology / Head of Careers & Work Related Learning
Miss A Jackson Assistant Head of MFL
Mr C Jacobson Teacher (NQT)
Mr K Johnson Teaching Assistant
Mr K Jonathan Headteacher
Mr A Keenan Cover Supervisor
Mrs B Kennard Teacher of Music/ Head of Year 11
Miss T Kitchingham Teacher of English
Mr G Kiloh Site Manager
Mrs J Kimber Head of Music
Miss L Knight Science Technician P/T
Mr I Lawrence RSA Trainee – Media Studies
Miss T Leppard Finance Assistant
Mrs A Linehan ICT Technician P/T
Mr C Loveday School Business Manager
Mrs A Lunn Teacher of English (Maternity Leave)
Mrs S Maley SEN Administrative Assistant
Mr J Mallender Catering Assistant
Mrs Z Mantel Pupil Welfare Officer P/T
Mrs C Markwick Exams Assistant P/T
Miss A Marsh Teacher of Science
Miss C Massey Head of Art and Photography
Mr L Massey Site Maintenance Assistant
Mr H Masterson Cover Supervisor
Mr E Masterson-Cox Cover Supervisor
Mr B McIntyre Site Assistant Apprentice
Mrs L Mear Teacher of Geography
Mr J Meechan Head of Computing and Business Studies
Mrs J Meir Assistant Catering Manager
Mrs K Millard Teacher of Food/Head of Year 8
Mrs C Mills RSA Professional Mentor/Lead Practitioner & HIAS Advisor
Mr I Mosley Assistant Headteacher
Miss S Muston Teacher of Art and Photography
Miss R Neill Teacher of Science
Miss O New Community Assistant
Miss V Noden Teacher of English/AHOY 7
Dr C Norris Teacher of Science P/T (Maternity Leave)
Mrs F Paice Teaching Assistant P/T
Mr K Parker Deputy Head of Year Learning Hub
Mrs D Payne HLTA 1 Library
Mrs L Petley Administrative Assistant (Reception & Finance)
Mr J Phillips Teacher of English/Head of Year 9
Miss L Phillips Assistant Head of Science
Miss L Primmer Business Admin Apprentice
Mrs A Pynigar RSA Trainee – English
Miss R Pynigar Cover Supervisor
Miss R Quinn Teacher of Science
Mr J Rayment RSA Trainee – Biology
Mr A Richards Teacher of Science
Mr G Richards Teacher of Physical Education / Head of Year 10 Acting Head of MFL
Miss K Richards Catering Assistant
Mr G Robinson Cover Supervisor P/T
Miss L Rodriguez Teacher of MFL (NQT)
Ms D Rogers Teacher of Science P/T
Miss N Rogers Teacher of Geography
Miss R Rowlinson Teacher of Religious Education (P/T)
Miss J Rudd Teacher of Physical Education/AHOY 10
Miss A Russell Catering Assistant
Miss V Ruzewicz Head of Humanities
Mr J Saville Community Leisure Assistant
Mrs R Shonk Teacher of Geography
Mrs D Simons RSA Trainee – English
Mrs C Slack Teacher of Technology P/T
Mrs S Slaughter Teaching Assistant
Dr P Sleat Assistant Headteacher/ Data Co-ordinator
Mrs M Smith HR Officer / SLT Admin
Mrs M Smith Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant P/T
Mrs S Snow Deputy Head of Year 9
Miss M Thomas Head of History
Mrs N Thorby Examinations Officer
Mrs J Thorne Teaching Assistant
Mr J Towle Science Technician
Mrs A Troughton Teaching Assistant
Miss K Tymon Teacher of History (NQT)
Miss G Underwood RSA Trainee – Art & Design
Miss S Wakely Teacher of English
Mrs C Wall Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Watts Teacher of Computing and Business Studies
Mrs C Whitfield Teacher of Maths P/T
Miss J Whitteron Teacher of English P/T / RSA Professional Mentor
Mrs V Wiggans Deputy Head of Year 10
Mrs L Wilde Assistant Head of English
Mrs S Wilkinson Teacher of English and Media Studies (P/T)
Miss L Willsmore Teacher of Product Design (NQT)
Mrs L Wilson Teacher of Science (P/T)
Mrs S Wragg Teacher of English