More Able Pupils

At Swanmore we aim to ensure that all pupils discover their talents and our challenging curriculum is designed to ensure that they all develop their abilities at the optimum rate. Pupils are identified as More Able by subject and the curriculum is differentiated to enable all pupils to be challenged at the highest level on a day-to-day basis. Where pupils exhibit an exceptional talent in one particular area, it is the policy of the college to work in close partnership with parents to ensure that they receive an appropriate diet of enrichment and extension.

Through our curricular and extra-curricular programmes, pupils who are identified as More Able will experience:

  • Enrichment: studying a broader range of material across the curriculum
  • Extension: studying material from existing subjects in greater depth
  • Acceleration: where practical and appropriate we will reduce the time taken to complete a particular course of study

If you would like to discuss the provision for More Able pupils in a particular area, please contact the relevant Subject Leader through the college office.