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Headteacher Update – 10.07.20


Dear Parent/Carer

With one week of term remaining, I have a lot of key information to share with you.

Having had the opportunity to digest and interpret the Department for Education Guidance for schools to fully reopen in September, there are a number of decisions that we have made in order to ensure that Swanmore College is safe for pupils and staff whilst onsite.

All decisions are based on the premise that we will not reduce the curriculum for pupils in any year group: your child will be taught within a year group bubble, thus enabling us to deliver their regular timetable in full.  Therefore, our challenge is to limit and control the interaction between pupils outside of their bubble, or the sharing of resources within and between lessons. To this end, we have listed below some information to help you and your child prepare for September.

Important dates

  • Last day of term – Friday 17 July 2020 @ 3.00 pm
  • Professional Day/Swanmore College Closed – Thursday 3 September 2020
  • Year 7 pupils only – Friday 4 September 2020
  • All year groups – Monday 7 September 2020

Preparing for September

  • Please return any chrome books/IT equipment you have on loan from the college as these came from our class based stocks. Visitor Reception will be open for 4 days to receive them during the week of 20 July – Main Reception is closed for the day on Wednesday 22 July.
  • Please return any text books that you have on loan as these came from our class based stocks. Main Reception will be open to receive them during the week of 20 July (not 22 July).
  • By Tuesday 14 July 2020 – please complete this very short survey about food at break and lunch time in September: https://forms.gle/ZXYjsxVzDCH2TbWq6
  • Key Stage 4 (Y10 & Y11) are advised to purchase some regularly used text books for class, catch-up and revision – see attached recommendations
  • Pencil Case Equipment – see attached
  • If your child is timetabled to have PE or Dance, please attend in PE kit for that day – (wet weather & hygiene guidance to follow from PE department)
  • Extra- curricular Activities will be limited to the Y11 Catch Up Programme (see below) and Homework Club only. Therefore, no after-college clubs will run until after October half-term at the earliest. We will update you on this next term.
  • Now more than ever it will be important for your child’s belongings to be named. We have over 1300 children at Swanmore and we need to ensure that we are able to return any lost items to the correct child. Please help by ensuring uniform, pencil cases, aprons, coats, shoes and bags are all named.
  • If you are in receipt of Pupil Premium we will be able to offer support with the purchase of equipment and will contact you separately. If you are experiencing financial hardship, and you are not in receipt of Pupil Premium, please write directly to the Headteacher via enquiries@swanmore-sec.hants.sch.uk

The onsite pupil experience from September

I think it is important to share that we are still finalising what the onsite experience will look like in September.  You and your child are certain to have questions relating to: transport, how the year group bubbles will work, our cleaning procedures, toilets, break and lunch times and more. We are also acutely aware that there may be wellbeing and adjustment issues for families linked to a return to school. Please be assured that we are factoring all of these issues into our planning and preparation, and will aim to be transparent and timely with our communication.

The Year 11 Catch Up Programme

This is a positive and comprehensive programme that has been designed and planned by all curriculum areas to give Y11 pupils a confident, purposeful and targeted start to their final year at Swanmore. The Programme, running alongside lessons, will enable pupils to identify gaps, learn or re- learn content, and boost their well-being and self-belief as they work through the Autumn term.

At the time of writing this letter to you, there has been no decision about what the GCSE exam series will look like for our Y11 pupils in the Summer 2021.  Therefore, we have made the decision to assume that the exams and the content will not change and plan for this accordingly, until we are told otherwise.  Y11 will work through the Autumn term towards a series of mock exams in January 2021. After the mock period, we will review whether the Catch Up Programme remains in its current form, and consider how it will sit alongside an onsite and independent revision programme.

About our Year 11 Catch Up Programme

We have planned a formal Catch Up programme for Y11 pupils to begin the week of 14 September 2020. Y11 Catch Up is not the same as Y11 revision.  There will be a time and a place for traditional revision sessions, but our aim with Y11 Catch Up is that it is far more targeted in terms of the content and pupil.

·          Catch Up will start from Monday 14 September 2020

·          All GCSE subjects have at least one after-college slot

·          The attached timetable shows how the days have been allocated to each subject

·          All sessions run from 3.10 pm – 4.10 pm unless otherwise stated

·          The late bus will run from Monday – Thursday and leaves the site at 4.40 pm

·          An independent study room will be designated for use at 4.10 pm before the late bus departs at 4.40pm

If Swanmore College goes into partial or full lockdown at any time, the Y11 Catch Up programme will continue remotely.

The Catch Up sessions – recordings will be available after the sessions

It is intended that Catch Up sessions enable content to be taught to a pupil – essentially recovering some of the lost teaching time during lockdown.  A department will choose if the content is pre-recorded and used as a resource during the Catch Up session, or if the Catch Up session itself is recorded.

All pupils – whether present at the session or not – will be able to access the recorded Catch Up content after the session.  The bank of recorded resources made during the Catch Up sessions will be stored and uploaded centrally and become comprehensive independent Catch Up and revision tools for pupils to access at any time in the run up to Summer 2021.

·          On 7 September 2020 each subject will name the specific content/topic to be covered in each session

·          Some subjects will run some sessions that are invitation only – invitation will go out on 7 September 2020

·          Pupils will look at the content for each session, that will change each week, and select the sessions that meet their Catch Up needs

·          Pupils will be encouraged to talk to their teachers during the week of 7 September to agree gaps and target Catch Up sessions

·          Pupils will be expected to attend 3 sessions a week.

I appreciate that I am sharing a great deal of information with you. Do please complete our ‘food’ survey and return any items belonging to the College so we can plan accordingly.

We are almost there!

Please stay safe and take care of one another.

Kind regards

R K Jonathan



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