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Headteacher Update – 3.7.20


Dear Parent/Carer

Apologies to those of you who have had enough of my weekly communications, however, there seems to be something new to share with you each week and I am keen to keep you informed.

Government guidance for a September return

I have attached the link for you in case you would like to read the document that the Government published yesterday.


All schools will interpret this guidance differently and there is clearly a route that we must navigate between providing the appropriate curriculum and necessary safety precautions.  This is something that we will be discussing over the forthcoming week and our strategy will be communicated to you all before the end of this term.  To this end, we are going to test our procedures and protocols on Tuesday 14 July 2020 by inviting all staff back on site for the day.

This will mean the following: –

·          There will be no “live lessons” for Periods 1 and 5 on that day to enable us to test procedures.  Live lessons will be available for Periods 2, 3 and 4.

·          All pupils on site on 14 July (Keyworker/Year 10) should arrive at their usual time, however, we will be dismissing pupils early at 1.35 pm.

·          Pupils will have to complete their Period 5 lesson at home. As this lesson is not live, they can complete it whenever they get home.

All pupils returning in September

We are conscious that some children will have struggled with their emotions and feelings over the last few months and may have some concerns about returning to Swanmore College in September.  For many of them, the return to school will ease after their first day back to our ‘new normal’ whilst others may need additional support.  If you have any concerns that you wish to share with us about your child returning, could I ask you to send an email to the appropriate Head of Year.  We have provided their email address below. Please remember that if your child is currently in Year 8 then when they return, they will be in Year 9 and it would be the Head of Year 9 that you make contact with.

September 2020 – Heads of Year

Year 7 – Mrs Habis – MrsHabis@swanmore-school.co.uk

Year 8 – Mrs Millard – MrsMillard@swanmore-school.co.uk

Year 9 – Mr Phillips – MrPhillips@swanmore-school.co.uk

Year 10- Mr Richards – MrRichards@swanmore-school.co.uk

Year 11- Mrs Kennard – MrsKennard@swanmore-school.co.uk

Year 10

We are finishing our plans to bring up to 120 of our Year 10 pupils on site to catch up on their practical subjects at the end of this term. The subjects we will be working with are Art, Textiles, Music, Dance, Drama, Creative iMedia and Cambridge Nationals PE.  If your child studies one of these subjects you will find a letter from Dr Sleat in the Reports section of the SIMS Parent App. If you have not replied to the letter could you please confirm your child’s attendance by emailing Dr Sleat via drsleat@swanmore-school.co.uk.

We are developing a “catch-up” plan specifically for current Year 10 pupils for their return in Year 11.  I will be providing more detailed information on this in my letter to you next week.  It will be  important for all pupils to attend these sessions as the Education Secretary has confirmed that GCSE examinations will go ahead next year.

And finally

We will be returning in September. Should we need to send pupils home for a period of time (as identified in the guidance), we will ensure that work will be delivered in a live format, wherever possible, so there is no loss of curriculum content.  This is one of the procedures that we are testing on 14 July.  If there are problems with delivering the content on the day, please accept my apologies now and let us know.  That day will allow us to test what we need to be able to deliver high quality remote learning from the Swanmore College premises.

Please remember that our last day this term is Friday 17 July for all pupils (including those on site).

Active Me 360 Holiday Camps start on the College grounds on Thursday 23 July 2020.  Details of these are on our website.

I should like to thank those parents/carers who have written such positive emails to me, taking particular trouble to identify members of staff who have provided their children with great support.  This makes a huge difference to us all and is very much appreciated.

Take care and stay safe.

Yours faithfully

R K Jonathan


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