Music Curriculum Summary
Year 7 Students receive one music lesson a week in mixed ability classes. We study and enjoy performing, composing and appraising by exploring rhythms from around the world, instruments of the orchestra, folk music of the British Isles. Students will have access to percussion instruments, will learn to play tunes and chords on the keyboard and ukulele, and have the opportunity to use music technology software, including Garageband.
Year 8 In Year 8, students get to try out their new skills in performing and composing an Egyptian fusion piece and South American dance styles such as tango and salsa. They will also explore the history behind both Reggae and Blues music through research, performance and listening tasks. We study what makes a ‘good’ pop song by performing and writing our own, as well as studying programme music that helps to tell a story.
Year 9 Students get 3 periods a fortnight and study theory of music in greater detail. Students will work towards and record a solo performance and an ensemble (group) performance. They will start to compose using Sibelius (music software) in a formal composition task, and practise identifying instruments and features of music through listening tasks.
Year 10 GCSE music follows the Edexcel syllabus which involves studying 8 set works, ranging from rock to Bach. They learn to identify instruments and typical characteristics of each set work. They study how to successfully write music for a dictation task, how to analyse ‘unseen’ music, and tackle comparing a familiar piece of music with one that is unfamiliar. Year 10 students will record one solo or ensemble recording a half term in order to practise for their examined performances. During year 10, composition 1, which is a free composition, will be completed.
Year 11 Within the first term students will start composition 2 after exploring the given brief in detail. Students will record their solo and ensemble performances, making up a minimum of 4 minutes of performance. They will finish studying the set works and practise exam-technique to apply knowledge of the set works studied.