Our Vision Statement


Swanmore College is a modern school with traditional values. We seek to provide an excellent education for all of our pupils, and a thriving environment for all of our colleagues to flourish in. We achieve in our learning community through the key values of:

  1. Innovation
  2. Collaboration
  3. Challenge

Our Vision is founded on the following principles:

  • Innovation, creativity and collaboration are encouraged to challenge us all to help drive progress within our learning community: teaching staff, non-teaching staff, linked partners, Governors and pupils alike.
  • All pupils are challenged to excel in everything that they do, from academic study, sporting prowess and artistic skill, through to their consideration and treatment of others. A sense of personal pride, and pride in their learning community, is fostered together with high expectations for their own achievements within and beyond Swanmore.
  • Pupils and parents collaborate and communicate with staff to deliver a first class, innovative learning experience. Pupil and Parent Voice are used in an innovative way to shape our values.

Our Learning Community

  • A Swanmore pupil will be a happy, well rounded individual, who has been encouraged, nurtured and challenged to maximise the opportunities available in school, and who is able to make confident, positive and informed choices about their life and role in society, beyond Swanmore.
  • A Swanmore parent will be secure in the knowledge that their child will be treated as an individual, exposed to knowledge and skills in an innovative and creative way, enjoying the extraordinary journey from childhood towards a confident, successful and happy adult life.
  • A Swanmore employee will be passionate, energetic and positive about their role, keen to excel in their area of expertise, and feel supported to expand or enhance their experience, in order to take opportunities to progress within or beyond our learning community.
  • A Swanmore Governor will be enthusiastic, well-informed and motivated to challenge and support our learning community, to deliver our values and vision, in a productive, collaborative and successful way.

Strategic Direction Statements

Year 1

Challenge leaders to promote a strong culture of aspiration, innovation, and collaboration, to enable our learning community to deliver outstanding outcomes for all.

Leadership Vision

  1. To further promote a culture of lively engaging, innovative lessons that inspires inquisitive enthusiastic lifelong learners
  2. To support all pupils to make expected, or more than expected progress, across the curriculum
  3. To promote an ethos that enables us all to be proud members of our learning community, providing regular opportunities to celebrate success.

Year 3

To champion our drive to raise lifelong expectations for pupils and to grow opportunities for innovation and leadership at all levels, to unlock capacity and potential, within our learning community.

Leadership Vision

  1. To celebrate lively engaging, innovative lessons inspiring inquisitive enthusiastic lifelong learners.
  2. To ensure we value fulfilled, hardworking colleagues, who develop an exceptional work life balance.
  3. All aspects of the College meet the criteria of an “outstanding” school.success.