Parent View


As a college, we are striving to have a parental partnership at the heart of everything that we do.  We will not always agree on everything but we want only the best for all of our children and to achieve that, the College and parents must work together.

We are always interested in your views on how things can be improved and would encourage you to share these by emailing

You may also share your views through Parentview

If you have any concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact their tutor, in the first instance, who will be best placed to deal with your concerns.


Strengths identified by Parent Survey

  • Swanmore has hardworking, committed staff and a supportive Tutor and Pastoral system.
  • Teaching, in many areas, is passionate and innovative with an “enthusiasm that is contagious”.
  • Year 7 induction is good, and the pupils settle well into life at Swanmore.

‘Areas to Develop’ identified by Parent Survey: The Big 3

  1. Communication needs to be appropriate, timely and coordinated.
  2. Behaviour management needs to be fair, consistent and effective.
  3. Homework needs to be challenging, purposeful and regular

You Said

We Have

“Adults should be monitoring children at break-time”

  • Increased the number of staff on-duty across the campus before school and during lunch and break time.
  • Formed an Anti-bullying Committee, with both pupils and teachers on board, to promote a new college strategy.
  • Trained our pastoral team to use mediation strategies to support pupils involved in incidents.

“Parents’ Evening needs to be earlier in the school year”

  • Opened up the booking system to ensure that parents can request to see teachersat any of our scheduled Parents’ Evenings.

“The sanctions system is confusing”

  • Reviewed the system and we will be introducing a stream-lined approach to sanctions that will be transparent for parents, pupils and teachers for September 2017.

“Hardly any homework is given”

  • Trialled a Year 9 Homework timetable that has clearly outlined the quantity of Homework that is expected and received pupil feedback on making it better.
  • Ensured all pupils and parents have access to ‘Show my Homework’ to support communication with home and school regarding homework
 “a lot of supply teachers”
  •  A team of Cover Teachers, several of whom are trained teachers, and are aware of Swanmore expectations. As far as possible, we try to avoid using outside agencies/ Supply Teachers
  • Been designated as the lead school in The Rural Schools Alliance from 2017, a teacher training school that we have formed, with our partner schools, and the University of Winchester, in order to ensure that we attract, train and recruit teachers of the very highest standard
 “We need advice on what our child needs to read”
  • Published suggestions in the library, and on the website, books that may appeal to each year group, reading ability, genre and gender, to support independent reading alongside the curriculum.

You Said

We Will

“Far too much Homework 
is given”

  • Issue a homework timetable for the whole school in September

  • Ensure timeframes for completion are stuck to

  • Commit to setting Homework of value to each pupil and their needs

  • Mark all Homework that is set

  • Continue to run a Homework club from 3.00 – 4.30pm in the library (Monday to Thursday)

“I don’t know what my child is learning”

  • Provide a subject syllabus break down for GCSE subjects on the website

  • Detail the assessments that will be completed in each subject area for Years 7 to 11

“Communication with parents could be better”

  • Set up “Swan-Bites” alert twice a week that will combine all news that needs to be sent out rather than an individual parent mail

  • Review how parents can communicate with members of staff to enable you to make direct contact with them

  • Commit to a practical turnaround time for phone and email responses

“the diversity of sports is a little lacking”

  • Increase the number of sports pupils can experience inside and outside the curriculum.