Rewards and Sanctions


House Points

At the beginning of each day each pupil will receive 6 house points, this is awarded for demonstrating that they have met the expected classroom standards for each lesson.

Every pupil, therefore, has the potential to earn at least 30 house points weekly for meeting the classroom expectations. This is in addition to any house points awarded for other reasons.

Each year group will have an end of term reward for all pupils who achieve 300 net points per term.

The categories for awarding house points include:

  • Classroom expectations met
  • Excellent behaviour for learning
  • Excellent presentation in books
  • Great classroom contribution
  • Outstanding work/ homework
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Outstanding pastoral award

Badges (HPs = net points)

500 HPs = Bronze

750 HPs = Silver

1000 HPs = Gold

2000 HPs = Headteacher Badge

  • Each year group has a termly Celebration Assembly where pupils’ achievements and progress are recognized.
  • Golden tickets are special awards that link to behaviour Walks which are conducted by SLT, Heads of Year and Subject Leaders.

Please note that behaviour events are deducted from house points and net points are the totals required for all rewards.


PROUD of Swanmore

To help with consistency across the College with regards to behaviour, pupils need to remember that their behaviour has consequences and that teachers have clear actions to take for Behaviour events. To help with this, Behaviour Events have been categorised into 5 levels:

Behaviour Code


Class teacher action


No homework – first offence


Low level disruption

Late to lesson/Tutor

Mobile Phone out in lesson if handed to teacher on first request

Banner items eg. chewing gum

Incident is logged on SIMs but no further action required.


Inadequate work

No Homework – second in a half term

Defiance – deliberate refusal to follow instructions

Verbal Abuse – to another pupil

Out of Bounds

Disrespectful Language

(Escalation of B1 events)

Incident is logged on SIMs.

30 minute After College Detention issued


Abuse of another person’s property

Damage to school property

Rudeness to staff

Swearing – general – to each other

No PROUD of Swanmore Card

3 strikes on PROUD of Swanmore Card

Aggressive/intimidating behaviour

Walking out of lesson – without permission

(Escalation of B1 – B2 events)

Incident is logged on SIMs.

1 hour After College Detention issued


Phone confiscated 3 times in a half term

(Escalation of B1 – B3 events)

2 hour SLT Detention



Verbal abuse/swearing at a teacher

Physical Assault


Refusal to hand over mobile phone

Racist Incident

Banned item eg. E-Cigarette


Reminder – Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should not be used within school between the hours of 08:00 –15:30 – unless under direct supervision from a member of staff as part of learning within lesson. If they are used during this time the phone will be confiscated and locked away in reception for parental collection. Should a pupil refuse to hand over their phone, the pupil will be placed in isolation for a day. They will also be issued with a 2 hour detention.

Any confiscated items will be taken to reception and stored safely for either the parent to collect or collected at the end of each term.

Whole Class Intervention

If a significant number of pupils disrupt the learning of others, the whole class should be issued with a yellow card which should be displayed on the board. A verbal warning should be given at that point stating that if poor behaviour continues, the consequence for the next disruptor will be to receive a B2 (30 minute after college detention)

Expectations of Pupils

  • Pupils will arrive on time
  • Coats are removed
  • Bags are placed on the floor under the desk
  • Pupils to work in silence the whole time
  • Pupils will begin the detention by completing a standard Behavioural Reflection sheet
  • Pupils will then complete work set by the class teacher, if appropriate, or English/Maths work will be provided for pupils to work on for the remainder of the detention

Please note: Parents will receive a text message giving at least 24 hours’ notice of the detention. Parents can contact the College to rearrange if there are certain issues with this date.