Letter to Parents of Year 10 Pupils

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope that this letter finds you and your household safe and well.

In light of the announcements made in the last week, Mr Jonathan has asked me to write to you all to emphasise the importance of this time for Year 10. It is clear that Year 10 will need to study remotely for an extended period of time. To prevent pupils from falling behind and missing out on potentially the best part of a term’s worth of work, I must emphasise the need to complete the work set by class teachers. Our teachers are available during the timetabled lesson slots to answer any questions relating to the work set each day and may be contacted via email also. Teachers continue to monitor pupil engagement with tasks and will report as needed; a lack of progress at this time will have an impact on GCSE results.

The recent mock exam papers are being marked and results will be made available in due course. Ahead of the publication of these results, pupils have the opportunity to reflect on how they found the exams, consider the topics they may have felt less confident in and work towards closing those gaps through independent study. This can be done with the support of their class teachers and the wealth of online resources available via GCSEPod, Educake and MathsWatch among others. A weekly usage report for these websites will be run and communicated to you through reports on SIMs Parent App each Monday for you to monitor the engagement of your child. If there are any issues accessing Google Classroom or other resources, please contact us so that we may do what we can to support.

This time is an opportunity for pupils to participate in wider reading also and to develop their hobbies and be creative. If your child has been working on something that they are particularly proud of, whether it be school related or not, we would love to hear from you. Please email anything you would like to share to misscarr@swanmore-school.co.uk and we will share them on our Facebook page.

Kind regards

Mrs O Kennard
Head of Year 10

Year 10

HOY: – Miss J Habis 10R1 Miss R Neill
DHOY: – Miss M Arnell 10R2 Mrs A Lunn
AHOY: Ms V Noden 10R3 Miss R Quinn
10R4 Mrs S Wilkinson/Ms D Rogers
10R5 Ms M Davies
10R6 Mr A Keenan
10R7 Miss V Ruzewicz
10R8 Mr S Philips
10R9 Miss S Bajar/ Mrs L Wilson
10R10 Mr J Baillie


To report an absence please contact the College on 01489 892256 or via the following email addresses:


Teacher and Tutor Contact
Should you wish to contact your child’s tutor please email tutor@swanmore-sec.hants.sch.uk stating the name of the tutor in the Subject Line ie ‘FOR THE ATTENTION OF MR NONAME’.

Should you wish to contact your child’s teacher, please use our teacher contact email addresses http://www.swanmore-school.co.uk/teacher-contacts/