Year 11 Update - Grades

These have been sent to the examination boards and are based significantly on our strongest piece of evidence such as the mock examination results and any controlled assessments that were completed before lockdown occurred.  These results cannot be conveyed yet as the examinations board may well change what we have put forward.  The results will be available to pupils at exactly the same time as in previous years which is Thursday 20 August 2020.  There is nothing that your child can do now but use their time productively and wait for results day.

Year 11

HOY: – Miss J Habis 11R1 Miss A Jackson
DHOY: – Miss M Arnell 11R2 Mrs J Kimber
11R3 Miss Benton/Mrs D Payne
  11R4 Miss C Massey
11R5 Mr N Culverhouse
11R6 Mrs A Griffiths
11R7 Mrs S Wragg
11R8 Mr D Walmsley
11R9 Mr D Fawcett
11R10 Miss E Foote


To report an absence please contact the College on 01489 892256 or via the following email addresses:

Teacher and Tutor Contact
Should you wish to contact your child’s tutor please email stating the name of the tutor in the Subject Line ie ‘FOR THE ATTENTION OF MR NONAME’.

Should you wish to contact your child’s teacher, please use our teacher contact email addresses