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Emergency School Closure


Dear Parent/Carer

At around 5.30 pm yesterday evening, 14 July 2022, we became aware of an bad odour on site and inspected our drains. It became clear there was a problem. We called our drains company, who responded immediately. They spent the evening trying to rectify the problem, however, they were unable to do so. In their professional opinion, we have a collapse in the main line sewer.

We are unable to offer any toilet facilities on site which means we had no option other than to close the site for the weekend. We now have to implement the emergency closure procedures for Monday and we anticipate this continuing through to Tuesday at least.

Teachers will set work on Google Classroom as we are unable to offer live lessons on this occasion. The site was closed yesterday evening and will remain closed until the toilet facilities are available.

Sadly, we have had to cancel the planned ‘We’re a Knockout’ activities and will transfer any voluntary contributions to pupils’ food accounts in due course.

Any Year 10 pupils, who were due to be working/studying on site, will be contacted with some careers/work related learning.

We are all so very sorry that pupils will miss out on some well-deserved fun and relaxation, however, we have no choice in the matter.

I will update you again on Monday when we have further information.

Kind regards

R K Jonathan

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