Headteacher’s Vision for Enrichment

It has never been more important for a school to seek to develop and nurture the whole child, to ensure that during their five years of secondary education, they are mentally, physically, and academically ready to thrive in the adult world. To this end, we are excited that the change to the Swanmore College day from September 2022-23 has enabled us to be creative, ambitious, and visionary in our approach to the secondary school experience, and we are very proud to be able to introduce you to the Swanmore Enrichment Programme.

The aim of the Swanmore Enrichment Programme is to celebrate and promote wellbeing, functional skills and social skills in a purposeful way, tailored to the interests of the individual. Every pupil will have the opportunity to select activities and experiences that appeal to them, and with such a diverse range of options on offer, we believe that there should be something that appeals to everyone.

The Enrichment Options booklet details the range of activities on offer, and hopefully spark an interest in an opportunity or a skill that they would like to select.

The overriding aim of each activity is to pursue fun and high-level engagement with a sense of purpose, and we believe that this combination will serve to enhance and support the all-round experience of your child as they also pursue their academic education at Swanmore.

This booklet outlines the enrichment activities available to pupils in the coming academic year.