Exam Board: AQA

Geography stimulates an interest in and a sense of wonder about places, people and the environment. It helps us all make sense of a changing world and how society, the economy and environment combine to bring about change. It explains where places are, how places and landscapes are formed and how people and their environment interact.

Geography Curriculum Summary
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Year 8
Year 9

General Information

AQA Geography gives pupils the opportunity to explore the world around them and better understand how it works. This aims to develop and extend Key Stage 3 by looking at both human Geography in terms of cities, development, resources and population and also physical Geography such as volcanoes, weather hazards, rainforests and UK landscapes. This is all embedded in real world examples.

What will I need to succeed?

The most important aspect is that you are interested in the world around you. If you are keen to discover more about people across the world and want to learn about how the planet can sustain itself in the future, then this may be the GCSE for you. Geography is now 100% exam based and candidates will need to able to understand complex questions, maps and resources. The required reading age of the examinations is 16 and candidates must be able to develop their ideas and points during extended writing tasks. It also offers the opportunity for fieldwork so you should be an independent learner. 

Subject Content

The course is divided into 3 papers with the following sections:

Paper one: Living with the physical environment

Paper two: Challenges in the human environment