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Headteacher Update 14.05.21


Dear Parent/Carer

I thought a little break from my communications would be welcomed by you all. However, I have a number of things that I need to share with you as we try to get back to the Swanmore College we were all used to before March 2020.  Some items are Government driven and others are determined by the College as next steps in our gradual exit from Lockdown.

Masks on site

From Monday 17 May 2021, pupils will no longer be required to wear masks on site, unless they choose to do so.  This is applicable to classrooms and communal areas.  Staff will continue to social distance from the front of the class whilst they are teaching, however, should they move around the room to support pupils, they will do so for short periods of time and will try to keep their distance. In some instances, they may choose to wear a mask also. That said, we would ask you to keep hold of your masks for the time being as we have to be prepared for any eventuality.

Masks on buses

Pupils must wear a mask when they travel on a bus. This applies to Hampshire Transport and Public Transport.


From Monday 7 June 2021, pupils will revert to wearing their formal Swanmore College uniform every day and will change on site when they have PE or Dance.  Whilst this may not be a popular change, it will ensure that a consistent uniform returns. Whilst we appreciate that you may have concerns about purchasing new items, eg shoes, during the summer term, these items will be required in September. My children have become accustomed to some ‘growing room’ over the years. Following the recent equality surveys, which were completed by parents/carers, pupils and staff, it has been noted that many responses focused  heavily on uniform.  As a result, there will be the occasional initiative (at no cost to yourselves) over this half-term as we explore some future options.

End of day timings

All pupils will leave at 3.00 pm at the end of the day when we return after Half-Term – Monday 7 June 2021. Year 11 will have left Swanmore College so we will have 4 year groups on site only. Years 7 & 8 will continue to enter the College via Community each morning, and pupils using A Block or doing PE during Period 5, will exit via Community. This is yet another step closer to normality for us all.


Thank you to everyone who continues to test twice a week.  This has helped enormously with pupils and staff feeling confident of their well-being whilst at Swanmore College. Please continue to test and upload your results each week.  We have been fortunate not to have had any positive Covid cases for some time and we would like this position to continue. We have no wish to return to the “old measures” in the event of an outbreak.

Year 9

The catering point for Year 9 pupils will move to the Swan Café from 7 June 2021. Pupils will queue where the Year 11s used to stand as this is a quicker service point.  As this will be alongside the current Year 10 pupils, it will help to prepare them for Key Stage 4 in September when their GCSE learning commences.

New Road Crossing

I should like to thank those of you who are supporting our attempts to increase safety outside the College with some sort of crossing.  If you have not already done so, may I ask you to complete the form via the link below:


Reports of near misses are extremely important in our discussions with Hampshire County Council.  Any letters to your local MP about this matter will help also.  I am determined to put something in place to ensure our children are safe when arriving and leaving Swanmore College, however, this requires evidence and pressure from us all.

Kind regards

R K Jonathan


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