Learning Review Week

June 2020


As we have been in lockdown for an extended period of time now, we would like to take some quality time to enable your child to review and reflect on the work that they have been completing. What is very clear from the email and phone messages we receive is that one size does not fit all: some families need fewer tasks to be set and more teacher support to be given.  Some families would like more work set, and for their child to engage more rigorously and independently with the tasks that are being uploaded.

In addition to this, teachers are finding new and innovative ways to deliver content to pupils, and the emphasis is always on trying to find smart ways to replicate the critical moments of verbal and non-verbal interaction between a teacher and learner that signals that all is well – or not.

The Learning Review

Resources have been created to enable your child, with support from their teacher, to review the learning in each subject during the past term.  Rather than plough on with misconceptions left unaddressed, and the pace and volume of the work remaining unchanged, we want to hear from your child about their learning experience.

To fully understand the premise and process of the review, an assembly /presentation has been written and is being shared with you. It is advised that your child watches this presentation before accessing any of the other materials.

The outcome of the review will be the completion of a simple Google survey completed by your child. A pdf example of this survey is attached for your information.

Lessons and learning will be different during the review week (w/c 1 June 2020), and we strongly advise pupils to watch the presentation before 1 June to explain this.


a) An assembly / presentation is available as a power point explaining the review week.  Each slide has an accompanying audio clip, so a pupil can choose to read a slide, or read and listen to an audio commentary, if they prefer. There are no graphics, media or timers on the power point, other than the audio clips, so a pupil can manage the timing of the presentation themselves.

b) There is a Subject Overview.  This is a spread sheet – with a tab for each year group – that lists the topics covered in each subject area all in one place.

c)  There are Subject Maps – these are more detailed documents for each subject in each year group.

The assembly presentation explains how these can be used to assist the review

Accessing the resources

The resources can be viewed by clicking on the links at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can access them via Google Drive. Your child will be sent their link to the resources via their Google classroom account.

Limitations of this review

We recognise that this review could be challenging for any child to complete, in the current circumstances. There is also the chance that anxieties could be heightened and a pupil could be overwhelmed by the quantity and detail of the content we are sharing here.  This is one of the reasons that we are sharing the resources early, and why we are keeping the outcome to a simple personal judgement.  Your child may feel that this outcome is too simplistic and that their view of their learning is more layered.  If that is the case, we would advise that your child communicates with their teacher.  This is the main reason for allocating the whole week to the review.  We do not want to pay lip service to this vital self-reflection – we want to give the time and opportunity for purposeful dialogue to take place.

Requesting help with the review

The options below are always available using staff email, which can be found on our website: https://swanmore-school.co.uk/teacher-contacts/

a)     Contact subject teacher for subject related queries

b)     Contact Head of Year or Deputy Head of Year for pastoral related concerns

c)     For all other queries: [email protected]