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PE Extra Curricular Clubs

Do I need to sign up?
Except for Badminton, Table Tennis and Fitness Suite, no you don’t.  All of our remaining clubs are ‘open door’ which means anyone in that year group can attend at any time.  Just wear your kit, make sure you let parents/carers/guardians know you are staying for a club, and then pop along.  We will add you to our club register when you arrive.  For Badminton, Table Tennis and Fitness Suite, there is a sign up board next to the PE office.

Where do I go?
The facility for each club is listed below next to the club.  For all clubs, get changed in a changing room, then wait outside where a teacher will meet you.  If you are late getting changed, head straight to the venue.

What time are clubs?
Clubs start at 3.10pm and finish at around 4.20/4.30pm so you have enough time to pack up equipment before traveling home (late bus etc)

Are there any clubs at lunch?
Yes.  This year we have three lunchtime clubs.  They are highlighted in green below.  All of these require you to sign up due to limited space/courts.

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