PE, Dance and Drama - Kit and Information for September

As we prepare for the new school term in September, the PE and Drama/Dance department have made some amendments to the kit policy to ensure that pupils stay safe and lessons are efficient.

From September, all pupils will be allowed to wear PE kit to attend Swanmore College on days when they are due to have PE, Drama, or Dance.  This is due to the temporary closure of changing rooms in light of the current Covid-19 situation.  Pupils will not be allowed to get changed within these facilities other than in an emergency.

To help with this new provision, we would like to remind parents/carers of the PE kit list, and the kit policy with regards to these lessons.

A more detailed version of the Swanmore College uniform list, detailing PE kit, can be found on our website  A summary of the key pieces of PE kit that all pupils should have is listed below:

  • Trainers (for Sports Hall, Gym, Main Hall and Fitness Suite)
  • Astro/moulded boots (non-metal studs – for STP, MUGA and Field)*
  • Short white socks
  • Long black socks
  • Plain black shorts (mid-thigh length – no logo)
  • Black & Royal Blue Swanmore College PE shirt
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms (no logo)/Sports leggings (no logo)
  • Black Swanmore College hoodie or plain black hoodie (no logo or zips)
  • Swanmore College Rugby shirt (optional)

*I would like to remind parents/carers that pupils must have correct footwear (astro/moulded boots) if their lessons are on the STP or MUGA as any other footwear, including trainers, damage the artificial surface.  A full description of correct footwear can be found on our website.

Pupils must wear clean, correct PE kit for every lesson, even if they are ill or injured, so they can still take an active part in the lesson. This will enable pupils to fully partake in the activity when they return to full health and prevents their College uniform from getting damaged whilst standing on muddy pitches.

There are occasions when this would not be possible and this is at the College’s discretion ie severe injury or illness but as physical education is compulsory – only in exceptional circumstances will alternative arrangements be made. Pupils will remain with their teaching groups and participate in the role of coach or official (scorer, timekeeper or manager) for the activity as is evident in the professional world of sport.

Pupils who fail to bring their kit will be sanctioned in accordance with Swanmore College policy.  Teachers will track pupils who fail to bring in kit and will issue sanctions when this happens.  If a child forgets their kit/wears incorrect kit 3 times within a half term, they will be sent to the Learning Hub at that point, and on subsequent occasions.  This tracking will reset every half term.

The College understands that some pupils may have PE, Drama and Dance on consecutive days.  We would encourage PE kit for all of these lessons, but fully understand that cleaning of this kit for hygiene purposes means that small elements of the kit may need to be substituted.  If this is the case, all replacement kit will need to be appropriate, showing minimal logos, be of suitable length, and black.  Any pupil who wear inappropriate kit will be given replacement pieces for that lesson, which will be recorded.  These will need to be cleaned and returned the next day.

With the unavailability of changing rooms during our response to the Covid situation, and the frequency of wet weather, we will endeavour to rehouse lessons from outdoor to indoor facilities where possible, and with social distancing measures in place.  There may be times when groups may need to stay outside so we are asking that, on days where weather is forecast to be poor, pupils bring a rain/training jacket, additional footwear, clean socks, and a plastic bag.

To clarify the rules further we have created a video explaining the details for kit in PE, Drama and Dance.  We would also refer you to the more detailed uniform guidelines found on the Swanmore College website:

Thank you for your support during these times.

D Fawcett (Mr)
Head of Physical Education

Physical Education


Physical Education (PE) is an opportunity for pupils to not only express themselves through physical activity, but to also develop other qualities such as team work, communication and leadership.

Our aim at Swanmore is to help pupils become technically competent and be able to learn, and then apply, a range of skills and techniques in sport.  By becoming more competent they become more successful, and thus enjoy activity more in the future.  We also aim to develop a wider tactical understanding so students can be successful decision makers and problem solvers in the various activities we cover.  Finally, we look to develop areas such as team work, responsibility, leadership and more so our pupils become more confident well rounded individuals.

We support pupils to better themselves and make marginal gains in their performances.  We hope they become more knowledgeable and aware of the benefits of physical activity as part of a health lifestyle.


The focus for core PE in Key Stage 3

Year 7

In Year 7, pupils begin the year conducting a number of fitness tests.  Each test looks at areas such as strength, power, agility, stamina and speed.   These tests are then recorded and turned into a Sport and Exercise (SpEx) score which is reported back to pupils and parents.  Pupils are then monitored twice more over the year, with the aim to improve their SpEx score and get fitter, faster and stronger.  Improving these fitness qualities will make pupils more effective in games and physical activities.  We encourage parents and carers to have a dialogue with their pupils about their fitness, using the SpEx information as a starting point.

Year 7 will then be split into various groups based on their SpEx score.  We do this to support pupils in improving their SpEx score as well as their general technical and tactical abilities.

In lessons Year 7 will work in Sport Education groups.  In every class they will be split into smaller teams of five, with each pupil taking on one of the following five roles within that group:

  • Team Captain
  • Fitness Manager
  • Equipment Manager
  • Skills Coach
  • Analyst

Each lesson pupils will undertake the duties and responsibilities that each role entails.  Roles will change every half term.  The aim of this is to encourage pupils to not only develop their physical skills, but to also develop their leadership, team work, communication and organisational skills; all which are vital for good lifelong learning.

Pupils will take part in a number of individual and team activities over the year.  Each activity will run for approximately 6-8 lessons and includes sports such as Badminton, Rugby, Volleyball, Fitness Suite, Netball, Table Tennis and Gymnastics.  Pupils will also have one strength and conditioning lesson a fortnight where they will develop their SpEx score and become fitter, faster and stronger.

Activities will focus on various concepts rather than skills; such as supporting team mates, working in triangles, formations and positioning and keeping possession.  The aim is that these are transferable concepts which can be replicated time and again between activities.

Year 8

Year 8 follow a very similar path to Year 7 except they do not undertake fitness testing at the start of the year or work in Sport Education groups.  Year 8 instead begin to master the various concepts that we teach and become more competent performers.

Year 8 also has a focus on preparing for GCSE PE as an option, with pupils able to have taster lessons in both theory and practical.  This helps them understand the higher theoretical weighting of the new specification (60% theory) and the requirements of the practical element (30% practical and 10% coursework).


The focus for core PE in Key Stage 4

Year 9

In Year 9, pupils continue to have two lesson of PE a week.  The focus of Year 9 is to develop tactical and technical skills and understanding.  Pupils are put in increasingly demanding situations which require them to plan, react and reflect on their performances.  Knowledge of each activity is covered in more depth, with a more critical eye focusing on analysing play and the outcomes which occur.

Pupils continue to work through two activities a half term which again have an individual and team focus.  Activities include those at KS3 such as Rugby, Volleyball, Netball and Hockey.  It also broadens and includes activities such as La Crosse, American Football and Trampolining where available.

Class are not specifically set, but GCSE PE pupils are grouped together to ensure they are consistently competing against each other.

Year 10

In Year 10 pupils are able to opt for the Sports Leaders Level 1 Qualification.  This is a sports coaching qualification and takes place within the normal core PE lessons (still two a week).  The course is designed to help pupils get their foot on the coaching and leadership ladder.  It teaches and helps pupils develop skills and behaviours such as organisation, communication, leadership and analysis.  Pupils are required to undertake numerous leadership experiences through running sessions in class, helping with extra-curricular clubs and being involved in feeder school sports events.  The course is predominantly a practical based course, but as a requirement of the course, pupils will have to complete written tasks as part of their learner evidence logs.

The remaining core PE lessons will therefore consist of GCSE PE pupils combined in groups, with other classes being mixed.  Activities are similar to Year 9 with the addition of activities such as multi-sports and an increased focus on the Fitness Suite, to help pupils see what types of physical activity they could continue to undertake in later life.

Tactics, analysis and refining advanced techniques is a big focus, and pupils will receive continued teaching and coaching of these areas.

Year 11

When the Sports Leaders finish their course, they will return back to normal classes in Year 11.  With their new knowledge and experiences on leadership, these pupils will be involved in running sessions with the support of the class teacher.  The aim in Year 11 is to push performance to its highest level, whilst ensuring their knowledge and understanding of each area is very good.  It is also focused on ensuring pupils leave with a love of physical activity, with some classes looking at the benefits of recreational sport as a balance to competitive sport.  Year 11 once again focuses on a mixture of individual and team games in an effort to offer pupils a balanced experience of physical activity.




From September 2017, the PE department will be offering more clubs than ever before. A current list of clubs for this term can be found here. All clubs are ‘open door’. This means that no pupil has to sign up to a club. Instead they can turn up at any point in the term. In fact we welcome newcomers at any stage in the year.

Clubs work in line with the demands of local competition. So clubs like Football, Rugby and Netball will run up to October/November but will then have a winter break until February due to poor light in the evenings. When this happens we switch to indoor sports such as Basketball.

If your child attends a club, they may be asked to represent a school team. We play fixtures both home and away. Parents are welcome to watch fixtures but must stick to a strict behaviour guideline:

Parents/carers must:


  • Be supportive to all players – including their own
  • Not interfere with any tactical decisions
  • Be respectful in their use of language. We have a strict no swearing policy
  • Not criticise umpires or referees – understanding that it is a difficult responsibility and one we try to do as best as we can.
  • Understand we operate zero tolerance on verbal and physical abuse to anyone involved in the fixture.


If parents are unable to follow these they will be asked to leave and will be banned to attend again.

Parent/carers will be notified that their child is involved in a fixture at least a day in advance including opponent, venue and time the fixture will finish. We will provide information to the pupil directly about what they will need to bring.

When we move to the summer term we turn our attention to Athletics, Cricket, Rounders and Tennis. Once again we will have clubs and fixtures that coincide with these.

PE Kit

Pupils must wear clean, correct PE kit every lesson (even when ill or injured) so they can take an active part in the lesson and fully participate once they return to full health. This way, College uniform is not damaged whilst standing on muddy pitches and any illness won’t worsen as pupils will have dry uniform to change back into.  Only at the College’s discretion ie severe injury or illness, may this rule not apply.


Boys – Physical Education Kit

Girls – Physical Education Kit

  • Trainers
  • Astro/moulded boots (non-metal studs)
  • Short white socks
  • Long black socks
  • Plain black shorts (mid-thigh, no logo)
  • Black & royal blue Swanmore College PE shirt* externallink
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms (no logo)/sports leggings (no logo, these should not be see through)
  • Black Swanmore College hoodieexternallink or plain black hoodie (no logo or zips)
  • *Only available from Skoolkit

EXTRA KIT – Football boots & waterproof jacket as required. Your child may also require a gum shield for contact sports.

HAIR – Hair must be tied back for PE.

JEWELLERY – Jewellery can be very dangerous when participating in PE and must not be worn at all.

Physical Education is compulsory – only in exceptional circumstances will alternative arrangements be made for pupils. Pupils will remain with their teaching groups and participate in the role of coach or official (scorer, timekeeper or manager) for the activity as is evident in the professional world of sport. Finally, non-participation due to any injury and illness requires a note, as well as kit. Any notes to excuse participation should be written as a letter and handed to your child’s teacher at the beginning of the lesson. We ask that these letters are signed and dated by the Parent/ Carer.