Rewards and Sanctions


All teachers will reward pupils for the following 5 attributes LORIC attributes from PixLEDGE

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Resilience
  • Initiative
  • Communication

House points are awarded to pupils who go above and beyond the classroom expectations. We are rewarding excellence. (see table below)

Each pupil will have a rewards booklet that is kept in tutor rooms and will complete weekly in a tutor period to reflect on the positive that taken place the previous week.

House points will be awarded as follows

  • Teachers award 1 house point for the above attributes
  • 10 per attribute = 1 stamp in booklet
  • 5 stamps = Postcard home from HOY
  • 5 Postcards home = Headteacher letter and also raffle ticket for grand prize.
  • LORIC badge & certificate for completion of 2 activities in PixL EDGE

Termly awards- All pupils are invited to the end of term reward at the beginning of each term, this is lost if a pupil has been placed in the Learning Hub on a number of occasions or excluded twice during that term. Pupils will have 1 opportunity to earn this back through a Community service programme.

Additional rewards

  • Postcard home from class teachers
  • Positive phone call home from class teachers
  • Positive letters from Head of Year and Headteacher


Please see the Behaviour Policy