Rewards and Sanctions

House Points (LORIC Points)

House points will be issued by teachers each lesson to pupils for the following reasons:

  • Excellent presentation in books
  • Great classroom contribution
  • Outstanding work/ homework
  • Extra-curricular activities

Badges (House Points (HPs) = net points)

300 HPs = Bronze
500 HPs = Silver
750 HPs = Gold
1500 HPs = Headteacher Badge

Each year group has an end of term reward for all pupils who achieve 300 net points per term.

Star of the Week

In core subjects each class will be awarded a star of the week, from the list of names a Star of the week will be awarded in each year group and will be announced in assembly and will be presented with a subject badge. All pupils who have been nominated will receive 5 house points.


Pupils receive 10 house points for a postcard home.


Please see the Behaviour Policy