The Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Team is made up of Swanmore College staff members who are dedicated to making changes that will benefit the overall mental health and wellbeing of all those in the Swanmore College community.

The team has been formed as part of our on-going work to achieve the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS). We believe that through our combined interests and passions, we have a strong team that can inspire change and help support those who need it.

Within the team we have three focus groups – Pupils, Parents and Staff. Each group will tackle issues relating to their specific focus, as well as coming together as a unified team to discuss the college community as a whole.

Mrs Egerton

Hi, I’m Mrs Egerton and, in school, my role is Head of English; outside of school, I am also a mum to 2 beautiful girls.  I am always busy and sometimes I forget that I have to look after myself in order to look after other people.  And that is why wellbeing is so important to me – looking after and supporting myself so i can support those around me.  I pride myself on being kind and approachable, but also resilient and tough when I need to be.  To support my own wellbeing, I practice yoga daily and love to workout.  I also journal everyday as this allows me time to reflect on the positives in my every day and process any emotions I may be experiencing.  You can normally find me in school in A block and my door is (nearly) always open!

Mrs Bailey

Hello, I’m Mrs Bailey and I am one of the Assistant Heads of Maths. I am an early bird and love a home workout in the morning whether it’s a weighted class, yoga or pilates. I get up and get it done and feel so much better about my day once I do. At the end of a long day I love nothing more than a cup of tea and a little pamper- some skin care and painting my nails. Getting outdoors for a walk or run is important to me also. I believe it’s so important to look after yourself, your body and your mind. When I feel a little stressed or worried I write things down, I love a list and I use Mrs Hinch’s journal! I am keen to encourage others to take care of themselves too. I get so much out of helping others and I truly believe that positivity breeds positivity. If you ever want to chat you can usually find me in M block.

Miss Gregory

Hey! I’m Miss Gregory and I am the Deputy Head of Year 7. After a busy day at school I love to go out walking with my dog, Dougie, it really helps me clear my head and is a great way to look after your well-being. I also love doing Joe Wicks workouts! At the beginning of this year I started a 365 day gratitude journal, each day I write what I am thankful for, what made me smile and 3 things I want to remember about the day. Although the year has only just begun, I have already noticed that reminding myself of the positives of the day has helped change my mindset. Please come and chat to me about anything and everything, I love meeting new people!

Mrs Illsley

Hello, I’m Mrs Illsley Careers Leader and teacher in the Technology Department. I am the longest serving teacher at the school and Swanmore is probably part of my DNA now. I love helping and supporting people in my Careers role and am passionate about ensuring young people have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. I am also the manager of the school DofE team and love nothing better than sharing my love of the outdoors. When not in school I like to keep busy walking everyday, reflecting with yoga and cycling. I am passionate about mountain walking, wild camping and all things adventurous so time away from home is frequently spent in North Wales. I do a lot of voluntary work with local DofE groups too as I believe in the power of fresh air and the outdoors to support our well being. To help keep me grounded and calm I read a lot, am a great list maker and also like to scrap book my adventures so I can reflect on my achievements. Please come and chat. I have an office in R block or my teaching room is downstairs in W block.

Mrs Bennett

Hello! Im Mrs Bennett, Deputy Head of Year 11. I love my job and the community we have at Swanmore but I do have days where things are tough! I am a keen triathlete and use my sport to help with my own wellbeing. I find a run or swim in the open water really clears your mind…especially when it’s cold outside! I also volunteer as a Scout Leader and a tutor. As well as being fun and helping me to meet new people, volunteering really gives me a sense of ‘doing something good’ and ‘giving back’ which really is good for the soul. I believe that we should all be there for one another and be kind to people around us – especially during times of difficulty like now. There is a quote that sums up how I try and look after others that I often repeat to myself that helps – ‘people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel’. There are so many amazing people at Swanmore, I hope together we can support and look after each other so we can be the best versions of ourselves. Please get in touch if you want to chat or know more about volunteering or open water swimming!

Mrs Deller

Hello Swanmore Community. My name is Mrs Deller and I am the Family Liaison Worker at our school. This means that I get to work with lots of amazing pupils and families and value helping and supporting others. With that in mind I have a very firm personal belief  that we all have to be emotionally, mentally and physically well in order to learn and reach our potential. I completely value that in my own life and know that it is just as important to look after my mind as it is my body. For me, my garden is always my sanctuary for exercise and relaxation. I enjoy the fresh air and take time to really enjoy my surroundings even when it is cold and wet. I also like to keep my mind healthy by learning new things which often involves a lot of reading which i love!   If i can be of help to you in school my office is in R block and the door is always open.

Miss Garaty

Hello, I am Miss Garaty, I am an art and textiles teacher here at Swanmore. Our community here was, and is, one of the biggest draws for me to come here to teach. 

It is so important to feel safe and to know you can talk about how you are feeling, whether that is a new feeling for you or one you have been feeling for a while. Sometimes a tough day appears out of the blue and then disappears just as fast. Other times, they appear and stay. When they decide to stay acknowledging them and working out a way forward is the most important you can do.

I enjoy taking part in long country and seaside walks, sometimes with my two black labs Freddy and Bea. A solo walk goes down very well too, especially when there is a sunset at the end. 

Yoga classes and sessions at the gym have been a big part of my well-being over the years – though this has been somewhat hampered by Covid. Home yoga with my dogs has been an interesting alternative.

Being a creative person I find artwork and reading books a great way to remove myself and dive into a different world where I can get lost in the halls of Hogwarts or on the wild coastal paths of Cornwall. 

Whether you are having a bad day, or a good day with something to smile about, come and find me. I am always here to listen, good and bad. Let’s make time to talk.

Mr Guillen

Hello I’m Mr Guillen, a Maths teacher here at Swanmore College.  I know very well first-hand the effects that working hard (whether for a job or at school) can have on a person’s mental wellbeing and physical health.  I also know the importance of taking time to look after both of these things.  It is difficult to balance looking after your own mental health and still complete work to your highest standard, and I would love to help people improve their own wellbeing and to be able to deal with the stresses of life at the same time.  Outside of school I am a keen golfer – if I’m not at home or school, I’ll be at the driving range!  I also play football and have a very keen interest in American Football and currently run an American Football Academy over in Portsmouth.  I am a firm believer in doing the things you love to keep yourself healthy and happy, so if you need any ideas or just want to chat, come and find me over in M block!

Mrs Hinson

Bonjour, I am Madame Hinson and I was born in France. I was lucky to travel the world when I was younger due to my father’s job and I guess that’s where I get my love for languages and discovering new cultures. I am a firm advocate in creating a ripple effect of kindness and I hope that by me being kind to others will be reciprocated to many others. In order to be able to look after others, we need to look after ourselves first, mentally and physically. When I need to escape, I like to complete challenging puzzles and I enjoy mostly gardening – growing fruits, veg and flowers for the wildlife. I also find going for a cycle always boosts my mood and my energy levels. So, do whatever makes YOU happy and know that it is ok not be ok sometimes. I would just advise not to bottle it up but talk to someone about it. If one day you don’t feel ok, come over and have a chat.

Mrs Kennard

Hi, I am Mrs Kennard – Head of Year 11 and teacher of Music, Drama and Performing Arts. I am so blessed to teach subjects that give me an outlet for my feelings. Sometimes I like to express my feelings through music or performing and sometimes I like to be still and focus on thinking about what I am feeling rather than expressing it to everyone else. I love to talk about feelings; my feelings, other people’s feelings or even the feelings of fictional characters! And I love to laugh!

Mrs Troughton

Hello, I’m Mrs Troughton, a Teaching Assistant.  I have two sons, one of which is now at college and another that is currently in Year 11. I have a daft, but wonderful dog called Sam, who is never far from my side.  I worked for over twenty years for a Sailing Holiday company both in the UK and abroad,  It involved long hours and hard work, but with a lot of fun and experiences along the way and I made friendships that will stay with me for life.  I learnt then that you get out of life (and work) what you put in, and to treat everyone as you would wish to be treated yourself. The last seven years we have been renovating an old house – its been incredibly stressful at times, but I believe the end is in sight!  I have always enjoyed fitness classes and running, I miss being able to go to my local leisure centre for classes, but keep on doing the running – getting tired through activity is a much better ‘tired’ than through watching TV!  Being kind to others and giving them your time, definitely makes you feel much better!

Mrs Beattie

Hello! I am Mrs Beattie, and am so lucky to be teaching history at Swanmore College.  I am a mum of three wonderful, yet exhausting children!  I also have an adorable cockapoo called Milly, who is equally as hectic!  In my spare time, I love playing netball or doing any kind of exercise (apart from running!), watching anything historical and socialising with my friends.  My home is my favourite place on Earth.  It’s by no means quiet or particularly tidy, but it’s full of happy noise and love.  I believe it’s so important to talk.  Be it around the dinner table or on the phone to a good friend, sharing is definitely caring.  I also believe in the power of music for mood lifting.  There is nothing better than belting out a bit of Abba to get me in a good mood! Previously, I worked as a Personal Trainer and saw the positive effect of exercise on each and every one of my clients’ mental wellbeing.  Whether you do a quick HITT session or a 10 mile run, there is no doubt that exercise is a great way to escape your thoughts and get those wonderful endorphins flowing. If you need any exercise tips, fancy a sing song to Abba, or simply would like to have a chat, it would be my pleasure to meet with you.

Mr Hedicker

Hello to you the Swanmore Community.  I am Mr Hedicker and I have taught at Swanmore since 2008 and now I am Head of the Technology department.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching my subject as it forms a significant part of my life both in school and at home.  I enjoy solving problems through the design and manufacturing of projects.  Recent projects have included a workbench for maintaining my bikes and radio controlled aircraft, as well as spacious and enriching environments for some of our many pets.  As mentioned before, my interests beyond school life include the building and flying of radio controlled aircraft, as well as my main passion which is cycling.  I cycle almost everyday both in real life and virtually through Zwift.  I enjoy and take part in many forms of cycling including, Road riding, Mountain Biking and Dirt Jumping.  My enjoyment from cycling comes from the challenge and the fitness element, but I do also take part in both enduro and downhill mountain bike racing.  If you ever want a chat I am in W block and I promise not to go on about bikes.

Mrs Simons

Hello! I am Mrs Simons and I am currently teaching English at Swanmore College. At home I have twin boys who are absolutely double the trouble and double the joy. When life is busy (as it nearly always is) it can be very easy to put your well-being towards the bottom of the to do list, however, last year I decided to make a real concerted effort to dedicate time to look after myself. This ranges from taking a bath, reading a book, going for a walk, and catching up with old friends. I also try to be mindful as much as I can. Mindfully brushing my teeth in the morning can really set me up for the day!

Mr Baillie

Hello!  My name is Mr Baillie and I’m one of the Assistant Heads of Maths.  I spend most of my time trying to persuade people that maths is actually pretty great, but outside of school the two things I enjoy most are playing sport and making music.  I’ve found playing sport (mainly football and golf) has been incredibly helpful for my own well-being – getting outside and playing with or against others, whilst also being an outlet for my competitive side! I also run the school ski trip every year that there aren’t global pandemics.  It’s one of my favourite times of the year and whilst it’s an incredibly busy trip, the mountains are also the place I find the most peaceful.  The other thing I enjoy is making music.  It allows me to express myself creatively, which I find really relaxing when I have tough days.

I’m normally found in R-block if you ever want a chat.

Mrs Hall

Hello! I am Mrs Hall (Morley). I teach Computer Science and Creative iMedia at Swanmore College. I have 2 teenage boys at home, a husband and a border collie.  I enjoy running, to get some space and time on my own or with my dog, and occasionally with running buddies.I enjoy a bit of gardening when I get a chance, and have a very large garden (if anyone needs space for plants).

Miss Carr

Hello, I’m Miss Carr and I’m Swanmore College’s Digital Media Manager. In my spare time I like to create digital drawings using my iPad. I’m also very interested in animation, 3d modelling and music. It’s these creative outlets that help me with my own mental health and wellbeing.

Every morning, before I get out of bed, I aim to spend 5 minutes just thinking about what I’m grateful for. These can be tiny things such as “I’m grateful that I can drink a hot cup of tea this morning”. Starting your day with a positive mindset can have such a big impact on your day. I also believe that it’s absolutely okay not to be okay, and sometimes we all need a helping hand to help lift us back up. It’s why I find helping others by helping carry the load of the thoughts weighing them down incredibly important to me – I want to help just as others have done for me in the past.

I’m located in the IT Support office in W Block should you ever need someone to talk to!

Mrs Wiggans

Hello, my name is Mrs Wiggans and I am a Deputy Head of Year at Swanmore College.  Wellbeing is important to me, but it is only in more recent years that I have felt confident enough to tell people this.

I have two teenage children and understand the added pressures young people face in today’s society.  As a working mum, I’m not the best at looking after myself, and we all need support and guidance to keep us on the right track.  I have just discovered audiobooks and find these have helped me get through lockdown.  I’ve joined the library (online) and get free audio books and personally I find it relaxing (and I’ve learnt a couple of things as well!).  I love animals and adore my cat, Maisie.  We also have two rabbits, Nibbles and Munch and I often watch them jumping around just being happy and it makes me smile.  All our pets have been rescue animals; we just can’t say no to a cute face!

As a child, I struggled with my mental health, but it wasn’t recognised like it is today and I just struggled through.  I want to use my experiences and knowledge to help young people learn skills to cope and manage feelings, and to enjoy life to the full.  This can be challenging but I believe talking about feelings and sharing ideas and tips on Wellbeing is the way forward to promoting a happier, more balanced society on the whole.

I’m very proud to be part the group and I’m looking forward to working with the team.

Mrs Beck

Hello, I’m Mrs Beck and I am one of the Assistant Heads of Science.

I am a mum with 3 children so am used to juggling the demands of work and home life, I seem to spend a lot of time driving around the county or watching them play sports. My son loves gardening and with his green fingers everything grows; consequently much of my free time is spent watering and transplanting.

Over the last year I have been exploring my local area and have found many walks with my not so keen children. I love having time to talk with friends, colleagues and family away from the stresses of work and school. I am also a Guider and enjoy giving the girls new experiences and activities away from the pressures of everyday life.

I have been teaching at Swanmore for a long time and love seeing all the students when they leave school and go out into the world, meeting them in a wide variety of settings; sometimes treating my children in hospital or teaching them.

I’m located in the maths corridor upstairs in M block, always happy to listen and have a chat.