Year 9

HOY: – Mr G Richards 9R1 Mr D Hammond
DHOY: – Mrs V Wiggans 9R2 Mrs S Avery
AHOY: Miss J Rudd 9R3 Mrs C Whitfield / Miss S Carter
  9R4 Mr A Guillaume
9R5 Mr K Wild
9R6 Mrs L Wilde
9R7 Miss R Rowlinson/ Ms J Whitteron
9R8 Mrs C Floyd
9R9 Miss M Thomas
9R10 Mrs R Shonk


To report an absence please contact the College on 01489 892256 or via the following email addresses:

Teacher and Tutor Contact
Should you wish to contact your child’s tutor please email stating the name of the tutor in the Subject Line ie ‘FOR THE ATTENTION OF MR NONAME’.

Should you wish to contact your child’s teacher, please use our teacher contact email addresses